Raynor’s FlexFit Garage Doors

What’s your total cost of ownership; service calls, damaged panels, inoperable doors, first call resolution, inability to seal? Accidents happen. Pallets, pallet jacks, carts, materials — all can cause severe damage to conventional steel dock doors when they are impacted, leading to multiple service calls, expensive repairs and costly down-time.

Raynor’s FlexFit™ door addresses these concerns and more. FlexFit is engineered and manufactured to absorb accidental impacts and flex, rather than dent and buckle. Unlike steel doors, FlexFit can absorb moderate to severe impacts and rebound to its original shape for continued smooth operation which eliminates service calls due to minor accidents.

Severe impacts typically force the hardware (hinges, rollers, track) to take the brunt of the impact. These parts are commonly carried on service trucks, increasing first call resolution when needed. Raynor’s FlexFit garage doors are your best choice to keep your loading docks running and lower your total cost of ownership.


Type: Commercial Sectional Garage Doors

Model: FF175

Size: 20′ x 12′ Max

Operation: Manual, Motor or Hand Chain



Construction: 3- Layer Sandwich

Material: Fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) exterior/ high density polyethylene interior (HDPE)

Surface Texture: Smooth

Section Thickness: 1-3/4″

Gauge: Exterior Thickness/ 0.125″; Interior Thickness/ 0.0125″

Stiles: 12-Gauge

Insulation: Polystyrene (Door R- value= 9.68)

Seals: Fabric reinforced vinyl section seals

Color: White



Type: Normal Headroom, Lift Clearance, Vertical Lift

Finish: Galvanized

Size: 3″

Gauge: 12, 13, 16-gauge


Type: Torsion Spring or Weight Counter-Balance

Springs: Spring inner diameter (2-1/4″, 3-1/2″ or 5-1/2″; High Cycle 25k)

Shafts: Tube (13 gauge) or Solid (D-shaft, 1″ keyed, 1-1/4″ keyed)



Hinges: 11, 13, 14-Gauge

Rollers: Heavy Duty 3″

Finish: Galvanized

Lock: Interior Slide Locks (2)

Seal: Header seal, astragal seal, brush jamb seals, and bottom brush seal

Hanger Angle: 1, 13, 16-Gauge

Optional Wind Loading: Certified Wind Load Available

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