Dock Seals by Pioneer

Dock Seals by Pioneer keeps weather outside where it belongs!

P Series


Model P Polyurethane Foam

-Maximum energy saving weather-tight closure

-100% lock-stitched seams– double-stitched seams on Wear Shingle models.

-All models use highest grade of materials available

-Fabric weight protection from 40 oz. to 140 oz.


PF Series

dock seals pa series

Model PF Head Curtain (in lieu of head pad)

-Non-sagging head curtain design utilizes 3/4″ galvanized pipe for front edge support

-Hybrid design head curtain with foam layer (4″) on curtain plus extra fabric cover (optional)

-Custom design available for special sealing needs

-Most effective for doors of oversize height

-Rope pull up (optional)


PA Series


Model PA Adjustable Head Pad

Metal hoods recommended with these models

-Full-range manual adjustment with center pull-down strap

-Single weighted counterbalanced adjustment

-Full 36″ of head pad a wide range of truck heights


L Pad Series


Model (L)

-Allows full access to rear of trailer.

-Side pads provide shelter like wiper action, yet seal the sides of the trailer.



Dura Seal


Extended Warranty Dock Seal

-LTA material (our high tear PX25) base materials *” Exposure wear pleats

-20″ wide, PX420 wear pleats on the corners of the head pad. On head curtain models the wear plearts are the same width as the side pad. Helps protect in case of mis-spotted trailers.

-PX420 inside wear face on bottom 48″ of each side pad. Protects against forklift/pallet damage.

-Three Year Warranty


R Series


Model R Rigid Frame Truck Shelters

-Raked cut header on all rigid wood frame models allow for water runoff

-Side and top curtain wiper action allows for full access to rear of truck

-Automatic variable truck height coverage from 11′ to 13’6″

-Heavy duty structural channel bumpers for protection and support


F Series


Model F Flexible

Truck Shelters

Metal hoods recommended with these models

-Choose from four flexible models

-All spring loaded for snug fit to trailer

-Corrosion-resistant steel framing

-Reinforced wear areas for lasting durability


X Series

Model X Rail Shelters

Also Available

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