FD300 Series Fire Door by Asta

Type: Rolling Steel Fire Door to be manufactured by Asta Door Corporation. Rated for 3/4hr, 1-1/2hr and 3hrs.

Operation: Manual push-up, chain hoist (standard) or motor operation. (Simple test feature not available on manual push-up doors)

Mounting: to be interior face mounted on a prepared opening.



  • Opening preparation, access panels, finish or field painting are in the scope of the work of other sections or trades.


  • Curtain: Interlocking curtain slats roll-formed from 22, 20 or 18 gauge galvanized steel. Lateral slat movement and curtain wear controlled by galvanized malleable cast endlocks fastened to every other slat. Windlocks are added as dictated by door size and windload requirements. Flat slats, (FS) cover 2-1/2” high by 3/4” deep. Curved slats (CS) cover 2-5/8” high by 7/8” deep.
  • Windload: Designed to withstand a minimum of 20 lbs per square foot and maximum of 40 lbs per square foot of windload deflection to an amount that prevents curtain from buckling or being blown out of the guides.
  • Bottom Bar: Fabricated from steel angles bolted back to back. Tubular bottom astragal (optional). 2.02


  • Barrel: Fabricated from minimum 4-1/2” O.D. pipe. Deflection under full load not to exceed 0.03” per foot of span. Barrel provided with threaded rings or lugs welded to the barrel assembly for curtain attachment.
  • Springs: Spring tension assembly supported within barrel by precision ball bearings. Curtain weight counterbalanced by oil-tempered, helically wound torsion springs, grease packed and mounted to steel torsion shaft with cast spring plug. Spring assembly for 20,000 cycle life springs (standard). Higher cycles (optional).


  • Head Plates: Headplates for mounting curtain, hood and barrel assemblies fabricated from minimum 1/4” steel plates plate. Drive side of barrel to be provided with precision sealed ball bearing in cast iron housing.

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