More Than Garage Doors

Thought American Overhead Door only did garage doors? Well check out the 700 Series Rolling Grille by Asta Door.

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Type: Lift Ready Rolling Grilles to be provided by Asta Door Corporation

Operation: Manual operation or optional chain hoist operation or optional motor operation.

Mounting: To be interior face mounted or between jamb mounted on a prepared opening.

Opening preparation, access panels, finish or field painting is in the scope of the work of other sections or trades. Steel and aluminum mounting tubes are optional.

Curtain: 5/16” diameter extruded aluminum rods spaced 1-3/4” on center vertically by 1/8” x 5/8” x 4-1/4” aluminum links horizontally spaced 9” on center and covered by ½” aluminum spacer tubes on every other rod.

End Links: Extruded aluminum end links spaced 1-3/4” on center.

Windload: No windload.

Bottom Bar: Tubular aluminum extrusion with with P.V.C. bulb astragal.



Barrel: Aluminum barrel with enclosed helical torsion spring, sized to grille weight with maximum deflection of 0.03 inch per foot of width.

Springs: to be oil tempered, grease packed helical torsion type with grease sealed ball bearings or self lubricating graphite bearings for rotating members, sized to designed to cycle 20,000 times. Springs are to be mounted on a cold rolled steel inner shaft.

End Bearing: to be self lubricating ball bearings or oil impregnated bronze bushings.


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