Safety Tip

LiftMaster’s Professional Garage Door Opener Surge Protector safely protects the entire garage door opener system, including AC power line, control panel and photo eyes from most power surges and lightning strikes. It can be used with LiftMaster garage door openers manufactured from 1994 to present. The LiftMaster’s Professional Garage Door Opener Surge Protector provides 5- year limited warranty on garage door openers logic board from damage caused by power surges.

990lm surge protector

Installing the wall control wires:

  • At the garage door opener, remove the white/red wires (for wall control) from Quick-Connect terminals.
  • Using a 5′ piece of white/red 22 AWG bell wire (not included), strip 7/16″ of insulation from both ends.
  • With existing wall control wire and new wire, use pliers to twist same colored wires together.
  • Referring to wiring diagram, insert wall control wires into red and white connectors on Surge Protector.
  • Insert opposite ends of new wire into Quick-Connect terminals located on garage door opener as follows: white to white and white/black to gray.

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