Garage Door Maintenance: What WE Can Do!

8 things WE can do to keep up your garage door maintenance:

1.) Customized your maintenance schedule.

2.) Closely inspect all cables and rollers to detect any fraying or sticking.

3.) Conduct tests on drums and sheave wheels.

4.) Lubricate all moving parts of the door, including rollers and bearings and even the torsion springs.

5.) Perform a balance test on the door.

6.) Assure all brackets are secure and fasteners are tightened.

7.) Check all functions of door opener.

8.) Verify the operation of all safety features.


Look for more maintenance tips on our upcoming blog!

American Overhead Door, Inc. wants to keep your family safe! Let us take care of your garage door maintenance and repairs by calling 256-772-5775 today!

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